Our facilities

Nurse with cat

We have a fully-equipped surgery that allows us to deal with emergencies and treat a wide variety of conditions. Our facilities include

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Dental care
  • Internal laboratory facilities

External laboratories are also researched for specialised tests.

Equipment for our feline friends

Cat in box

Our procedures are assisted by the use of pulse oximeter and blood-pressure monitors, also anaesthetic and oxygen facilities chosen specifically for cats.

We have excellent facilities for intensive care, and pride ourselves on a very high standard of surgery and in-patient care.


Sleepy kitten

At Exclusively Cats we believe that cats should never be scruffed and that there is always an alternative. Instead, we prefer to hold the cats gently, and examine them kindly. This includes using feliway and felifriend hand rubs and bean-bag positioners, and examining some of the cats in their boxes as part of the relaxed atmosphere.



Our in-patient accommodation is designed for maximum comfort, with three medium and two large cages, all with heat pads and comfy beds.


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